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Putting Facebook link on Fiverr?

So I brought this gig from this TOP RATED seller, and he sent a typical reply, something like “thank you for order, we’d get on it and deliver asap” and also sent the link to his Facebook, saying if it’s not a problem to me, give it a like.

Surely it’s no problem to me, and I would have liked it if it were more professional and didn’t look like his personal account with all those sellife photos.

Anyway, then I remembered only Youtube and Flickr are allowed here. And I think I’ve read somewhere that both sending and receiving personal contacts could affect my account, because of the system’s filter or something like that. If that happens, contacting support might help, but it’s already a bothersome.

Well, I’m still here so it hasn’t affected my account (yet?). Probably because I didn’t reply him?

My query is what should I do if this happens again (someone send me his email for example)? And what should I do with this current situation, because I think if I reply I might trigger the system…

Oh, and since he’s a top rated seller, is Facebook actually allowed here?


I believe that as long as it’s Fiverr related you can link to a Facebook page. Such as, if I had a “BigBadBilly On Fiverr!” Facebook page that I used in conjunction with my Fiverr gigs and profile. I’ve seen a few over the years. So long as it’s not a ‘Personal Profile’.

Now… Like I said. I’ve seen these before, openly advertised with no problems. That doesn’t mean 100% that it’s allowed.

Then again, I can’t see why it wouldn’t be. No different that Liking the Fiverr Facebook page.

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I think it should be allowed to share Facebook Fanpage of Sellers.

It will help reach more people through loyal buyers.

(Some sellers will use this to get private projects bypassing fiverr, and many loyal sellers will increase their buyers and eventually fiverr will get benefit. So for the sake of some people who will exploit this facility, the reputed sellers should not be restricted to share their Page)

@madmoo - That’s what I mean. It’s a grey area. I asked Jay last year (Everyone knows Jay from CS right? LOL) if I could plug my Fiverr page that was just for what you said. It was going to be about my gigs and other gigs on Fiverr. But the page was called “BigBadBilly On Fiverr”. Anyhow. I never got shot down when I asked.

I think because the page itself was Fiverr related, and not linked to my personal profile. (Billy C**************) it may not be considered an outside link. Because it was linked directly to my Fiverr profile, and had the Fiverr website and my gigs.

Grey area. But, also, the flipside. I was never expressly told I could do it. I think, in theory since you can’t view who runs a Facebook Fan page (EX: You can’t pull my real name from a Facebook fan page) that in one sense it’s not breaking any rules.

However, on the other hand, the people who Like the page reveal who they are when they interact with any of your posts. So, that could be considered outside contact.

I really think it’s a minor thing that Fiverr probably doesn’t pay to much attention to. You’re basically plugging your personal profile on Fiverr. No different than Posting on Facebook or Tweeting your gigs, which is encouraged.

Best advice? Do what you will. But if you begin to take advantage of a grey area, and begin say… spamming people on your page or doing other… less than honorable things you’ll probably get shot down. If you use it as a tool for your “Fiverr gigs” alone than you may be OK. Again. For the most part this is conjecture.

I didn’t like the Facebook page not because of the fear that it would affect my account, but because I didn’t like what I saw there.

Personally I think it could be consider outside contact since if I like the page or post anything there, I would have to use my Facebook account and now he know where to find me.

Also if I want to work with him outside Fiverr, I could message him there.

Anyway, thank for your replies, I don’t intend to do the same thing, at least not now, I was just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

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