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Putting my photo on gigs change everything

I can’t believe that a single photo could change everything. Since i put my own photo on my gig ( people has started to send me messages, more views, more clicks and most important more ORDERS! In my opinion people want to know with who are they working with, they want TRUST! I mean they are right because there are a lot of people that use fake account.
Did this thing happened to you too?


The first advice I ever got when getting into freelance was: “Use your own photo as a userpic, people want to see who they are working with”. That’s the advice I live by and it works great for me.

That being said, if your offer visual media services, for instance, you probably shouldn’t have a giant photo of yourself plastered across your portfolio samples taking the focus away from your work.

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I’m sorry, but I can’t either. You have only been a seller for two months and you have no reviews.

I understand that it can be exciting when a gig suddenly sprigs to life. However, you really need to to wait to see long-term results. Also, it’s not adding a picture to gigs that sells them. It’s adding a pretty picture and typically doesn’t work as well if you are male or fugly.

For example, which gig would you buy:


Are you using a 32Bit version of Windows Vista or Windows 7 by any chance?

If so, this is more than likely a false positive result.

Yes I respect your opinion thats why I wanted to ask people. It is interesting your point of view, really! Thank you for taking time to respond to my thread. Well it has been years that I work on Fiverr and now decide to work for this company. The idea is that people need more trust nowadays and they try to work with people. They want to see your face and to feel more comfortable, in my opinion. Yes even more clicks change a lot of things on your day.
Some people see changes when they got their first 5 star review, some when they go to level one Seller, everyone has different story.

Indeed. Because your own image helps people identify and connect with you. Helps the buyer and seller virtually identify each other.


Thanks @weare_aes for your valuable Tip

I think this is trick to get click on his own gig, sorry!! I shouldn’t be.

that link is going to his own gig