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PVA email accounts ...please help me ?!


Till now i did not find good honest ONE !!!

they say PVA email accounts but there are NOT !!!

before ca. 6 -10 months, i bought lot gigs of (60 PVA gmails) from a seller with 5$ (but now i did not find this seller ) …

from his mails i can everything …send,recive mails and open it everywhere !!!they are the TOP TOP !!!

i contact lot of seller and explain them what i need exactly ,before i buy the gigs or in the instruction after buy !!

they say that is PVA ( telephone verifed)…!!!

telephone verifed means that i can open it everywhere and i can send mails from… …i

and that what i want :::


i need accounts to recive & send mails ,and i can open it lot of time from different Ips (PVA)


Anyone can help me and give me good ones ???then i will buy a lot and deal with him in future

you can give me ONE test account !!!if it works ,then i tell me your offer!!!

i am looking for offer with (100-50 PVA gmails) with 5$ …or give me your offer


i need to buy a lot !!!

please help me

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You need to remove the number link to the accounts and put recovery email to it. use the recovery when they get block or something.

In this case you can access your account anytime.


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