Q&A session from Crorkservice


Hey there, Crorkservice reporting for duty!

As you Know we hit our “100 000 Orders complete” milestone.

We are TopRated Seller, who have 47000(!!!) positive reviews, 57 tons coffee consumed, mountain of broken keyboards and a small town of happy and satisfied customers.

We are grateful for this opportunity and are very happy to be here, on Fiverr. Our success is a cocktail made of:

a) Our Dream Team

b) Work, work and more work

c) Fast response time

d) 24/24 cust.support

Our loyal clients are a direct indication of who we are and what we do; we never stop and never back down.

So we came with the idea to make a Q&A session with YOU our clients or our potential clients and help you in what you need. You can ask ANY questions:

  • About our gigs
  • About our team
  • About SEO in general.

    We are even prepared to answer personal questions, to tell the secret how old our boss is, and finally solve the mystery: how many hours a day we sleep. :slight_smile:

    We are always open to dialogue with you! Ask your questions right here and right now, we will try to answer them as quickly as possible!

    Let the party begin! :wink:


I can’t imagine you guys sleep much !

Keep up the great work !


Reply to @ozzieuk: You imagine right, mate!

“To the top with rocket speed” - there is no time to sleep! :wink:


Reply to @crorkservice: Do you have another account? Or are there sellers who are gaining traffic off an alternative version of your username?


What is the red sash with 3 stars on some of you’re gigs haven’t seen that before. Is it because you are just super awesome?


Reply to @matt_garry: Yeah, we are super awesome! :slight_smile: but on a serious note this is a tactic to get costumers attention, Red is a very bright and aggressive color.


Reply to @musiclover: No we don’t have a second account, and these are people trying to get traffic on our behalf, sometimes we try to work with fiverr support to ban them but there are too many :frowning: we worked very hard for our name and it is a shame how people sometimes use it like this.


How many people working within the team?


Reply to @yuen1985: We started as 2, now we have 20+ people working on fiverr.


Reply to @crorkservice: I figured it was some low lifes behind it. Smh. They know how successful you are and how much traffic you get from Google, so they try to feed off it.


you guys doing a great job! carry on your great work.



@ crorkservice : you are flying way faster then a rocket speed !! carry on! :wink:


Reply to @matt_garry: Mostly it is organic (positive reviews, fast response time, and a good support helps :slight_smile: ) but sometimes we try new stuff and drive some traffic outside to fiverr.


Reply to @umernawaz: Thank you :slight_smile:


Reply to @akashintros: speed of light? :slight_smile:


Friends! ask us something! It’s a Q&A session… but we can’t give you answers if you don’t ask us questions!


is all you’re growth organic from this site or are you promoting them and advertising them elsewhere to get all these sales?


@crorkservice yepsssss!!! my mistake ! Speed of light “correct word”.

i thought i would also grow my business here like your’s but since new fiverr v2, i am loosing a little bit. Earlier i used to get around 100-150$ order everyday but now not even half. i made 5000$ in 4 months but since V2…i am just getting around 50$ order a day. I don’t know what’s wrong. How you guys manage to do so much promotion. I checked your website too, it looks cool!!


I got 1 more for you:)

how do you deal with rude or crazy buyers?

and did you hire someone who specifically manages the customers and or complaints?


Do all of your team login and use 1 fiverr account? How does everyone view orders? Ive often thought about hiring an extra set of hands for my fiverr business!