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Q/A: Will I get a negative review? {ANSWERED}

Hi, I sent a cancellation request to a buyer and he is not responding. Will I get a negative (1*) review if the system automatically cancels the order after 48 hours? I don’t think, it would be fair anyway! Just Curious. :smile:

No, of course not. You should know this, you are not new to Fiverr anymore.


Well, I couldn’t find the word to search! And, this is the first time experiencing this issue. BTW,Thanks Da’ :wink:

Not a review, but worse in my opinion. As that’s considered a non-mutual/forced cancellation, so it will have effect on your rankings. Once support falsely stated that it’s considered a mutual cancellation even if the timer goes to zero, and I allowed all orders that needed to be cancelled to reach zero, and my gig’s position dropped like crazy. After another support person said that it’s not considered mutual, I stopped doing so, and instead withdrawing the dispute and re-sending it over and over again until the buyer is online, the position instantly stopped going down.


Can you please explain it more detail my friend?
I’m experiencing same problem i think.

Sometime i got a buyer and then without giving me any instructions suddenly they want to cancel.

It make my cancellation rate increase for even something i don’t do.

Need advise, thanks.


I concur with @adsensewizard on the following:

You need the cancellation to be mutual for it to have a lesser effect.
Also the TYPE of reason you select has its weight of negative effect as well.

Best thing in this scenario, if a customer is UNRESPONSIVE, is to contact CS immediately.

They will ping the buyer and if unresponsive will cancel the order on your behalf with a lower negative effect on your gig/account.

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Yes, I did, Thanks! :blush:

No bro, relax :smiley:

I’m baffled why there even is any sort of penalty, no matter how minor on mutual cancellations. Such cancellations are 100% of the time (At least from my experience) buyer’s fault, so there’s nothing a seller can do about it. Unless they are telling seller should say “no” to cancellation requests and take a negative instead?


From the buyers side, once an order is 24 hours or more late, I have an OPTION to cancel - which will leave the automatic 1 :star: “Failed to deliver on time” review.

I do not, repeat, NOT have to cancel. It is an option only.

System does not automatically cancel an order, it allows the buyer to cancel without your permission. I hope this makes sense.


Why do you want to cancel it, always find a way to give the buyer what he/she needs ( there must be a way in this big world to satisfy that single Buyer ) that the trick , start finding that way and stop thinking of rejecting that.
Because Fiverr count you unserious.

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