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Q on "late delivery"

Hi there,

new fiverr here - I overall like what I see - and I am proud I sold (and delivered) my first gig!

My “service” was Job-Interview-Advice, based on a mock interview.

My client had a busy schedule and we agreed on doing at a specific day/time. Interview was held, advice was given, client is very happy and said so in his feedback.

But the agreed upon date for the interview was outside of my “3 days window” I advertised the gig with … Now it seems I am stuck with a “late delivery” mark.

How can this be repaired? … again client is happy as I followed his agenda, but fiverr thinks I was late …

thx for any feedback

Has the order already been completed by the buyer? If not, you can visit the resolution center and request a time extension. Then you can deliver and complete the project with the extended deadline.

To avoid late deliveries which could ultimately hurt your ratings, when you notice a buyer’s time for the interview is outside of the delivery window, send them a delivery time extension which you can do via the resolution centre.

This they should be okay with since they chose a preferred time for the interview.

Hope that helps.

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first off - thx for answering !!

yes, gig is over, paid for, feedbacked from both of us and everybody is happy

… so I guess I have to chalk this one up as a learning experience?


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Possibly. You can try to fight it, but chances are that nothing will be changed. I offer that in the future you advise your customers of requesting time extensions on delivery, if they cannot schedule a interview time within your delivery window.

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