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Q ref seeking assistance with a project [buying]

I had a small project and did a search and several people were ‘recommended’ to me by Fivrr so, thinking that would work out, I went ahead and did the order == which is fine and I’m okay with it [no response yet but not due for a day or two] - but in the meantime I got a bunch of responses that indicated that THEY would like to do the project – so I find it confusing -0 is the process basically to toss out the request for services and then wait until someone responds rather than selecting one of the ‘recommended’ persons?? Thanks.

If you have already placed an order then wait until your seller delivers.

Can I ask what you mean by “Recommended by Fiverr”?

What happened is that I put in the request and up pops some info on about 10+ vendors who match the request = I took it that they were in some way suggested to be good for the job = the person I am working with has been fine, just want to know if I should or should Not respond to the suggestions but just wait for people to respond to my request?

Ok, that seems to be new, I havent seen it before.
Those “recommendations” are likely to be based just on keyword matches and not actual recommendations as such. I am not a fan of using the request section personally, I prefer to search through and find sellers myself. It sounds like you got a good match though so I would think it is an either/or option. Whichever suits you.
You could also send your request to a couple of those who pop up as well as posting it.

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Thanks, I’m getting the hang of it = I did get the job done and it went fine…but good to know I don’t need to just jump but can wait and see what ‘offers’ come up…I need to get used to this, obviously. Appreciate the help.


No worries, glad it worked out for you.
I do strongly suggest you read the Fiverr Terms of Service - even just skip to the Buyers section and read that. It will explain a lot and help you avoid some of the potential pitfalls as well as letting you know your “rights”. It is done in plain English and not the typical “legal-ese” used in most legal docs.

I think OP means this one.

As Eoin mentioned, for the time being those recommendations are probably related to the keywords and based on my own experience I’d say you can ignore them. Wait for the offers from sellers who have actually read your request and would like to work with you.