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Q. Stolen Content? What Should I Know About Digital Copyright?



Both buyers and sellers in all freelance situations are affected by issues related to digital copyright. A buyer may be concerned if sending content they own to a seller to have it modified or fixed, but they will retain ownership and need to protect it.

A seller may run into copyright issues in multiple ways. A seller who finds that someone else has taken their gig images, samples, description or anything else will sometimes own rights to part or all of those things. A seller who sends out a sample to a potential buyer may run into issues if the buyer uses the sample somewhere but doesn’t ever place an order. If a buyer cancels an order or the order is cancelled by Customer Support, the content that was originally delivered to the buyer no longer belongs to the buyer.

In any of these cases, both buyers and sellers should not resort to engaging in unprofessional behavior or harassment on or off Fiverr, arguing over content, or taking illegal or unethical actions against another person. Fiverr Customer Support may be able to help you directly if you have an issue that is still related to an active account or transaction, but even in cases where Fiverr ToS is not directly applicable, there are things any user can do to protect themselves.

Some users are interested in legal action and while I don’t have the right to say what you can or should do, I will point out that on a global site it is sometimes very difficult to pursue an issue legally. That still doesn’t mean you have to give up! In extreme cases, you could talk to a lawyer where you live. The best thing to do is to know all you can about your rights with digital content so that you may be able to take action online. Be sure to retain proof of ownership by keeping all copies of your work as buyer or seller, keep things with time/date stamps, have digital content preserved in a private location on the web with time/date stamps or whatever else you can do to prove your case.\

Become familiar with DCMA which is the Digital Copyright Management Act: and prepare what you’ll need before anything happens to you.

Most important, learn in advance about what you might need to take action in general, prepare, or file a takedown notice via the tools on DMCA websites. A good DMCA site to go right away can be found here:

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