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QA section - your opinion?


Hello Fiverr. I really want your opinion about QA section in sellers profile. Do you think sellers need these section? Do you think someone gets more orders because has QA section in his profile? I dont know if i have to add this or just leave it like i have it now with no QA. I really want to know your opinion.



I don’t think it makes MUCH difference to sales, but having a complete profile with lots of useful information could help; so including some helpful Q and As could reassure buyers if they’re able to quickly access good information about the gig.


I agree with you. I think i must make this too in my profile


Hello Maria,

I would really appreciate it if you could remove the pre-formatted text from your post. It makes it unnecessarily cumbersome for people to read a single long line of text that they have to horizontally scroll through. :slight_smile:

In my opinion, the Q&A section is a very powerful and versatile section of your gig that you wouldn’t wanna leave blank. Sometimes, it is not really possible to cram in every little information about your gig into your gig description. In that case, the Q&A section can come in very handy. Even otherwise, you can use the Q&A section to reinforce/stress on some minor yet important details that some buyers might miss while going through your gig description. Obviously enough, it can also be used to answer buyers’ most commonly asked questions.

Due to the above-mentioned points, I think a well-designed Q&A section would make a significant difference to your gig and that it could help sway some buyers into purchasing your gigs.


Should you have a Q&A section on your gigs? Yes. That is a great place to add information that won’t necessarily fit in your description box. But keep in mind that many people are lazy and don’t even read that section on gigs let alone the gig descriptions.


Unfortunately i dont know how to edit text to look different.


Well, there you go… You did it! :blush:

You’re welcome.


Did it! Thanks! That is so kind of you. I think i will design a QA section in my profile. Do you all have QA?



It is an amazing way of communicating with your buyers even before they order. They already have their questions answered. It is another sure way of convincing the buyer.