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Hello everyone, Really hope so everyone is fine and doing their great jobs at fiverr
Some time when you are new at fiverr you really worried about everything you may have problems from buyers, you may forget payoneer password or don’t know the procedure to attach it and what so ever. What I feel you don’t have to take so much tension about anything if you have trouble ask your friends or ask fiverr help centre
The biggest problem is not getting order from buyers
Here some tips from my point of view

  1. Always respect buyer try to satisfy them and be sure that when ever they need the service of the kind you are providing they will comes to you
  2. Try to promote your gigs in social media, like to increase gigs vews post your link to different facebook groups
  3. Edit your gigs description after interval of 3-4 days
  4. Try not to cancel order if it is difficult ask for help from your friend or ask google
  5. If they are not satisfy refund them rather than getting bad experience review
  6. Minimize the price and maximize the quality

And you can see my profile I have been here from one and half month and see what I have achieved.