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QR code for ID verification


Please help me, I’m having issues going past the QR code in verifying my ID. Even after getting the ‘I don’t have a qr code scanner’ link in my email, it still doesn’t go through.
I eventually downloaded a QR scanner app and it says the code is unidentified. Is the QR code faulty?
I sent a ticket to customer support but they’re getting marked as solved without any solutions. What do I do?


What QR code are you even scanning?

I believe you can re-open CS tickets if you don’t feel you came to a proper resolution.


If you’ve been prompted for the ID verification, you’d see it. The verification, I heard is in batches.
The QR code is like a barcode that supposedly contains some information.
And yes, the first ticket is still open. Guess they closed the second because I had one open already.