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QR code for ID verification

Please help me, I’m having issues going past the QR code in verifying my ID. Even after getting the ‘I don’t have a qr code scanner’ link in my email, it still doesn’t go through.
I eventually downloaded a QR scanner app and it says the code is unidentified. Is the QR code faulty?
I sent a ticket to customer support but they’re getting marked as solved without any solutions. What do I do?


What QR code are you even scanning?

I believe you can re-open CS tickets if you don’t feel you came to a proper resolution.

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If you’ve been prompted for the ID verification, you’d see it. The verification, I heard is in batches.
The QR code is like a barcode that supposedly contains some information.
And yes, the first ticket is still open. Guess they closed the second because I had one open already.


May be a late response, however placing this information in case anyone needs in future.

Fiverr ID verification process is available in the website as below;

Note: The ID verification process must be completed on a mobile device. If you start on your desktop, you’ll be redirected to continue on a mobile device, where you’ll have the option to scan a QR code or receive an email in the case you don’t have a QR scanner. The email will include a link where you can upload your ID.

Hope this is helps.

Here is a post from hanshuber16 in case anyone needs more info:

Jun 4

I mean, there’s really just one link for the ID verification process, and that’s what Fiverr sends to everyone. It is possible that some of the ID verification notifications are bugged and directs users to a wrong link or w.e. :roll_eyes:

This is the link that everyone (who has received the “verify your ID” notification) needs to go to in order to initiate the verification process:

https:// www.fiverr. com/id_verification/info

I’ve added random spaces in between to make the link unclickable. :wink: Please do not go to that link unless you’ve received a “verify your ID” notification.

So, if you know the link that you have to go to, as has also been pointed out in my other post, too, you’re good to go. :slight_smile:

NOTE: If you have been asked to verify your ID and the link provided to you in the email or QR code doesn’t work, you should try going to the link mentioned in this post (just remove the random spaces in the link to make it work). :slight_smile:

hi, after scanning the QR code I receive a link which after opening it returns me back to the page where I am still requested to scan the code.I am using my phone to scan the code but I am still unable to go past this page.

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