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Qualities of a good writer

Here are some quality of a good writer

Must have a good understanding of SEO and how to write optimized copy

passion for writing

good command of grammar and spelling

comfortable researching online

positive attitude

solid knowledge of Microsoft Word

computer & Internet access

self-motivated with a enthusiasm for the Web industry and technologies

detail-oriented, highly-motivated self-starter, with ability to work independently

Yeah, this are the qualities of a good writer. I’m happy am one of them :slight_smile:

A good writer is a happy writer, because a client values their work and pays accordingly.

Reply to @fastwriter247:

With the exception of the grammar part, evidently -_-


Candi x

A job well done. :slight_smile:

You don’t need to have a solid understanding of SEO in order to be a quality writer. Not all writing is for the web. In fact; even when it is for the web SEO is not always important. Many of the people that hire me through Fiverr tend to ask me to throw the notion of SEO out of the window. To some people it is more important to receive a quality piece of content rather than something which has been optimized to hell.

“good command of grammar and spelling”

—Yes and no, “Winston tastes like a cigarette should” makes English teachers cringe since you’re supposed to say “as,” not “like.” However, that was an extremely popular jingle during the 1950s, it sold a lot of cigarettes.

Advertising allows you to violate the rules of grammar, sometimes even the rules of spelling (Krazy Deals!, Krazy Kamp, etc). There’s even a brand of jeans called FCUK, and if you want radio, then grammar goes completely out the window.

Remember that It’s always easier to proofread something interesting than rewrite something boring. If you’re getting headlines for the web, or SEO copy, or an e-mail, you need interesting copy that flows well. Garbage with good grammar and spelling won’t do anything for you.

thanks everybody im glad im a happy and a writer

Apparently capitalization is optional when trying to be a good writer. …kids these days… :expressionless: