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Quality Of Fiverr Sellers Is Going Down!

I have been using fiver for around 3 years. Over the past year I have noticed that the work delivered appears to be “cookie cutter” stuff. You now have to search more for sellers to find one that looks real. My overall satisfaction with sellers is around 50%; then they all beg for you to give them 5 stars so I now do not trust the ratings. Its’s gone down hill; not sure how fiverr will turn this around.

Some are good, some are bad. Not every seller is the same. Fiverr itself doesn’t have control over a seller’s quality. It’s dictated solely by the one inquired. Also, many get what they pay for. Some expect the world for $5 and get grain of sand. Quality hasn’t gone down, demand has gone up (and so has the price of high quality work). Sorry to hear that you’ve had some odd experiences. If you’re not happy, then there’s plenty of other freelance sites that could suit you better. Fiverr will still keep rolling on either way.

Do you have waaaaaambulance cover? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have routinely worked with sellers who beg you for 5 star reviews;

  1. You have been pretty much scraping the barrel to begin with as no reputable seller in any discipline would ever do this

& 2. You have directly contributed to any decline in quality on Fiverr due to leaving glowing reviews for people who supplied you with work you were not actually happy with.

Lastly, you say that your overall experience is 50% positive and from what you have wrote about the people you work with, I can’t imagine that you pay more than $5 on average for the services you buy? In this case, I think it is rather incredible that you have a 50% satisfaction rate.

Of course, I might be wrong but I never beg people for reviews and would never work with anyone who did. In this case, perhaps you should raise your standards as a buyer?