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Hello guys!

I’ve been on Fiverr not for too long (since April 2018), and it’s my first proper post here. Unfortunately, not that cheerful and positive :slight_smile:

I’ve been having ups and down when it comes to dealing with buyers. Maybe, it’s my bad luck, but I’ve had quite a few arrogant clients for the past few weeks. Two of them were all over the place with what they wanted (kept changing original requirements, submitted more revisions than agreed etc). I do get irritated when it happens, but I still try to be professional and deliver since I care about the end result, and I don’t want to have my clients being angry (even when it’s not my fault). And at least, in the end of the day, I did receive a good feedback.

A few days ago though, I had an order which resulted in 3.5 rating. And a weird thing to me personally is that the client was reviewing not the end result but the first draft which I submitted. Normally, reviews are supposed to be about the end product, and revisions do count as a process of creating it. My edits had to be performed because my client didn’t explain the requirements in a clear way, and I provided a free revision and fixed it. In his review, in the very end, he mentioned that I fixed it, but I still don’t understand why it’s such a low rating. I did contact him since I saw that buyers can change original reviews, but he hasn’t yet gotten back to me.

It makes me upset not only because I was professional throughout the whole process, but also since I haven’t been here for too long and I don’t work on Fiverr fulltime, I don’t yet have a lot of completed orders where reviews like that wouldn’t matter as much.

I understand that platforms like Fiverr focus on buyers more than on sellers, but I was wondering if they provide any “education” for buyers on how to evaluate seller’s work? Of course, every experience in personal and sellers also happen to be lazy and inattentive, but things like evaluating half of the work but not the final result are crucial for understanding I think. And it would be awesome if Fiverr could provide a chance for sellers to avoid these situations.


One cannot force a buyer to leave a review according to his/her will. Forcing the buyer to leave a review or trying and forcing to manipulate the review is considered a violation. And if they try to contact you that they will change the review then what surety you have as a seller that the review will be better than their earlier one. They can decrease it too and then you will have to fight against that. So, I would recommend you not to force the buyer to change the review. You can leave the feedback for the buyer and share your experience with the buyer in your review. This will help you in the long run.

Good Luck!!


First of all, welcome to the forum!

I took a look at your gigs, and read the (badly written) review in question. I tuned out after the opening sentence that claimed that as you were a Fiverr Pro, they would “have to be more critical”.

My advice to you would be to not let this bother you too much. I looked at your work and it’s fantastic. You’re a Pro, which means you’ve been hand-picked and verified by Fiverr, and I’m sure a combination of these things along with your professional attitude will mean you won’t struggle for business.

Education around reviews wouldn’t help. People wouldn’t read it, or would decide to do their own thing regardless.

Also, a 3.5 star review isn’t bad. I think you just fell foul of someone having a bad day and on a bit of a power trip. :wink:

Be REALLY careful with this. Fiverr is being incredibly strict about this. Even hinting that the buyer could/should change their review can be construed as you trying to force their hand, and can result in you losing your account.


Hello! :slight_smile: Thank you for your reply! I didn’t force anyone to change the review. I only contacted him and asked him why the review was so low and what exactly I didn’t do right. My message didn’t include any “call to action” to change it. I was just wondering. Also, I was reading Fiverr forums earlier, and I saw some threads where people said that asking for feedback like that after a bad review is not a bad thing? But if you say it is, I will be more careful. I didn’t mean to manipulate, I honestly didn’t understand where he was coming from exactly.


Hi. You can find a lot of posts on the forum, where sellers say they got replies from support in similar situations, which went something like “The buyer may review their whole experience”. Basically, they may write whatever they feel like as long as it doesn’t violate the terms of service.

Supposedly, the double-blind review system as it currently exists, is to be updated in the way that sellers’ actual reviews of a buyer will appear on the buyer’s profile page, while they will be allowed to respond to the buyers’ reviews (and thus to present their take on the review written by the buyer) that appear on the seller’s page, but if or when that will actually happen is unknown.


I did notice something unusual in the review and that is the first line of the buyer review. My personal advice to you is just reach to CS and get it clarified with them and try to convince them because it seems that buyer review is contradictory to their own statement mentioned. You should contact the CS and get it clarified !!

However, please keep in mind that Fiverr will not force the buyer to change the review, instead if they find their statement and review contradictory then they will remove it for you. But real things are hidden to you which is a “Private Feedback” that fiverr ask from every buyer to leave for their own consideration.

However, you can see/read the following and try to improve upon it:

  • Communication With Seller
  • Service as Described
  • Buy Again or Recommend

Good Luck!!


Hey! :slight_smile: Thanks for your supportive message!

Yeah, I guess today it just got to me. I’ve been a bit struggling with this Pro thing also because it adds up “pressure” in terms of statistics and from “overly critical” buyers :smile:

As for contacting after reviewing, it’s my first time doing so. And as I mentioned above, I didn’t ask him to change the review, I asked what I didn’t do right to keep him happy. Actually, he just got back to me and said that he expected for me to deliver one step (icon) at a time. But that is just not my work process since I am well aware of how it can turn out into a monster of an order if I consult buyers on every stroke I draw. It’s a death trap :slight_smile:

Seems like he’s not going to change anything. Which, from what you said, seems as a good thing. So amen to that! I guess :smiley:


Which would be a partial delivery and against the terms of service if the gig description was 12 icons.


I’ve learnt that a cancelled order is better than a negative review. Also, I strongly advice that you don’t contact the buyer concerning the review. Just move on :unamused:. Fiverr CS will disable your account at the sniff of “trying to force the buyer to alter his/her review”.


Exactly, that’s why I was upset because it makes no sense and doesn’t allow me to do my job the way I claim I do. Also, I tend to believe that it’s always better to deliver the end product (after asking all the necessary questions, of course) than raw work or pieces of it. It never creates the right impression, and I believe that it’s not professional.


Hey! Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:I am still learning about Fiverr and right/wrong ways of doing things here. It’s definitely more difficult (to me personally) sometimes to deal with clients within a system rather than in real life. Because any word you say can be used against you in most harsh ways! :smiley: Thank you for warning me! I’ll try to learn and take these things easy.

Also, about canceling things, I’ve noticed that even mutual cancellation orders drop statistics. So it seems like a stressful thing from any side you look at it :confused:


I see that you offer 12 icons as a basic package and delivering 1 icon is considered as partial delivery which is considered as violation.

This is 100% true. Even if you cancel an order, the buyer has the delivered files with them and it is clear that they don’t have the right to use the files after a cancellation. But in real world where will you track them or where will you track that the buyer is using your delivered files after the cancellation? This is the question/concern I raised with CS and my feedback has been shared with FDT, as I have been assured that the Fiverr Development Team will work on it and hopefully “we” (sellers) will have a better solution by then, to deal with such cases. But as of now, try avoiding any unnecessary cancellations. Communication is the key, the more you communicate with the buyer, the more chances are that you will leave with a satisfied buyer.


Oh! That’s actually smart :slight_smile: Thank you for pointing it out! Honestly, though, it’s my first-time situation where a buyer expects partial delivery, that’s why I didn’t even think that sellers need to attract extra attention to the fact that we deliver work as it is expected by order requirements. Plus, in an icon pack situation, it makes absolutely no sense since each icon is different, and revisions can include edits to a whole thing altogether.

I never canceled orders during the process, so I don’t yet have that experience. My issue was needing a few extra days for delivery if someone didn’t message me prior ordering and countdown would start when I had deadlines for other orders. Even then, I normally always explain the situation, and usually, we come to an agreement. But sometimes buyers need next-day delivery where it’s absolutely impossible and cancellation should be done. That’s why I was wondering if it’s even fair for sellers to get affected by things like this.


It does. But its better than a bad review. Trust me, I am a new seller myself. For example, I got an order recently. A buyer gave me a list of websites to gather data from. Unfortunately, he wanted 100 names, emails, phone numbers and property descriptions of landlords in a certain area and that data was not available on the web links he provided. I contacted him and he didn’t respond early so I went ahead and got data from other verifiable websites. I even provided 5 additional names but he cancelled the order stating that wasn’t the requirement. That was just cruel but I’ve moved past it.


I think you are talking about “buyers” ?

Glad you corrected it.

I hope the sellers community helped you!! I am sensing that this discussion is now best suited for “Conversation” category !!

Good Luck on your future sales.


We all move on eventually, but I can see how it must have been upsetting for you. I would totally get down, too. I guess in our field one of the most important things is to not take it too close to heart. I normally try to follow this rule, but right now things are a bit hot and busy because of Christmas season, and I feel quite tired. That’s why after working long hours receiving such feedback is extra unfortunate :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help! It did make my day much better :blush:


I understand your situations, Keep it up on fiverr and not loss hope my dear …,! :wink:


Yeah. I went through your profile and I’ve read the review. Truth is it hurts. But its really inevitable. Stay strong, stay positive dear and by the way, you’re awesome!


I totally understand your pain about reviews. I have been on Fiverr for over 2 years. I have done almost 600 voice overs and don’t even have 300 reviews. I think buyers should be forced to leave reviews. I have one client who is an extensive repeat buyer who does not leave reviews. To the new buyer just looking on Fiverr for a seller, it appears that I do not have the experience because of the number of reviews. I don’t understand why many of my buyers don’t leave reviews. I would like to think it is not because they didn’t like the end product. This platform definitely caters mostly to buyers. I think they should realize that both buyers and sellers are needed equally. My humble opinion.