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Quality over quantity and the Level system

I am a professional in my field. I started using Fiverr to supplement my income and Branch out of local business. All of my gigs are what would be considered expensive on Fiverr. This is because I put lots of time into my orders to deliver a professional product. Due to that, I only receive 2-3 orders per month. I quickly got to level 2 and have never had negative feedback. When a customer accidentally clicked to order something without knowing that his business partner had already ordered the same thing, he asked me to cancel the one order. I thought “no big deal.” I’m sure it will not affect me negatively. NOPE! Here I am now sitting at level 1 again because of something completely out of my control. What is incentivising people like me who value quality over quantity to sell here? Do they want to drive actual professionals off their site and just cater to teenagers selling stolen content for $5? For the mutual cancellation policy to affect levels is ridiculously stupid. This needs to change.


Things are changing! :wink:

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I read that and not only does it not address the “mistake order” issue. A moderator specifically reiterated that they are not addressing the issue in the comments.

I am sorry, I was mistaken. I had several friends drop from level 2 down to no level partly do to this issue. It does need to be corrected.

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