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Quality over quantity folks!

After being on fiverr for a while i’ve seen many many gigs. Yet i’m constantly reminded how quality work, gigs that actually make the customer feel like they want to review it, are always going to rival the gigs that simply have a stock image picture and a terrible description.
My simple tip… Put effort into the work you produce and it’ll all come back to you!

Cheers, Evan

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We always provide quality work

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Sometimes quality is found within quantity. I knew a designer who delivered 4 designs for $5 based on one idea. Why? Because that increases her chances of buyers getting something they like.

Of course, not every gig permits the seller to do 4 things. If you’re paying $5, you’re paying for 5 to 15 minutes of work. Sometimes that’s enough, sometimes it isn’t, so the decent thing to do is to hire someone else or hire the same seller again with new instructions.