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Quality signals: the ranking process

While most of us are unaware of the Fiverr algorithm, most of the top-rated sellers and people who are here on Fiverr for years agree that it is the game of Signals which Fiverr gets from our work behaviour every day on this platform.

In order to determine which gigs deserve visibility over others. The ranking process of Gigs is handled by Fiverr own proprietary algorithm, which Keeps on looking and tracking at the best “quality signals”

These signals depend upon the work behaviour and the ability of the seller to:






1. ATTRACTION: when we talk about attraction, it covers the overall presentation of your Gig’s which you have made to show your buyer. These Gigs should have the potential to attract the buyer who needs your niche service to talk to you leaving the other sellers.

ENGAGEMENT: Now that the prospective buyer has left you a message it is upon you how fast you respond to that message and engage the client with your best professional conversation providing him the full knowledge of your services and what he will get and in how much time if the buyer purchases your services.

CONVERSION: while the other signals have their own important place, this signal is the most important among others. It is the best factor in ranking your Gig. The customer who approached you should be converted to a sale from your Gig which tells Fiverr about the level of professionalism that you are providing to the prospective buyers.

FULFILLMENT: The last signal is about the fulfilment it reflects your ability to provide on-time delivery of services to the customers. The services you provide should be on time first of all and up to the mark of satisfaction to the buyer so that he may provide you the best review and from my experience give you a tip if he is 100% satisfied with your services.

POSITIVE REVIEW AND TIP: Nowadays Fiverr is stressing on the consistency of positive reviews to raise your rankings and merge you in the best sellers, every seller must provide the work delivery to the best of their ability to earn the best reviews consistently, if you get a tip by the buyer it will be a cherry on the cake but remember never ask your buyer to provide a review according to your wish or a tip it may be harmful to your Fiverr career.

Remember the theory:


Hope this article will help the entire seller community to provide the best of their services to the buyers and help themselves to achieve the best rankings and sales on Fiverr


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If you could, please cite your source for this information?
The rest of the post is good general marketing advice, but the statement that this is what the algorithm runs on is a rather bold claim without the evidence to back it.


@imagination7413 Hope you have read my post from top to bottom, the answer to your question is in the first three lines of my post and as far as the claiming thing is concerned you will also get its answer in the first three lines :grinning:

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Thanks for sharing.:blush:
I have a question. Recently 3 of my orders were auto completed by the system. Thus I did not get any reviews on my orders. How far it will affect my gigs?

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@anika09 auto completed order or buyer accepted orders with no reviews does’nt affect your ratings as approximately only 60% orders out of 100 only get reviews, but lower star ratings on a review definately does affect your ratings.

Never compell your buyer to give a review, but you can ask in a polite manner to give a review if he or she is satisfied with the order while delivering the order.
I hope it answers the question.

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It isn’t. This is the cycle buyers often go through before making a purchase. It has nothing to do with the algorithm. He’s making it up to try to sound smart.

This doesn’t even make sense, actually. What is he claiming that the algorithm is programmed to show certain gigs based on where the buyer is in the cycle? How would Fiverr even know that information?

And that isn’t even how the cycle works. It determines which information and content you receive, not what types of products you receive. Because you don’t even show the product in the first 3 of those four steps. The purpose of the process is to lead someone down a funnel, not to decide what gig category they should buy.


Ok. I got it. Glad all my efforts are not gone in vain.
Best wishes for you too.:blush:


Thanks for your wishes, may you achieve higher levels here on fiverr…