Quality Starts with YOU


When it comes to quality, you can assure you get the BEST possible product by providing the best possible direction or instructions. For instance, when you place an order, your seller will ask you to provide information about your requested gig. BE SPECIFIC! Take the time to think it through and then write clearly what your needs and expectations are.

You can get the best quality by providing solid requirements.


Nice advice for buyers :slight_smile:


Amazing poster!


Excellent !!! :slight_smile: Looks awesome


Thanks all, I had clear direction from my buyer, so the end result was much nicer!


I wish all buyers would leave nice clear descriptions of what they want and not after you spend hours on a design for them to say “i want this now”… Good job tho!


I am now hungry for steak.


Do you sell that steak on Fiverr for one gig? LOL


Ha ha ha - nope but it shows you, effective advertising and marketing! The idea is that you just WANT that steak and oh wait, here is $20 bucks, come on in!!


I have been in marketing for 20 years and do both online and offline marketing. By far, I still love print marketing. Fun to work on.