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Quality vs Quantity

It’s ironic that the category with the most threads, is the one with the least number of comments.

Why is that?

Dude, watch football! Spain vs Italy. Bye!

lol… okay. :smiley:

May be because that topic is for buyers and the buyers directly post their comments to the inbox of desired seller…not at forum…

It’s basically a spam bin! I never even open it–why would I want to read some illiterate idiot’s pisspoor attempt at promotion?

I think most of them don’t need response. Most are ads, not questions. I do read them sometimes but I contact the seller privately if I’m interested.

Oh, sorry. I was watching football.
Your replies do make sense though.

Most are ads and pisspoor attempts at promotion. Got it. :smiley:


spam bin?

Well, it’s just post after post of “look at my gig”. It’s not technically spam as it’s the whole point of that sub-forum, but… it is for all intents and purposes a spam bin.