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Quantity of Gigs VS. Total Orders


I apologize if this has been asked before. The site seems to be undergoing some slight maintenance, as when I use “search” it gives me an error.

I am curious as to whether the Level 2 is dependent on 50 TOTAL orders, or if a buyer who purchases multiple gigs counts as multiple orders.

For example, its a common occurrence for my customers to order multiple gigs at once using the “Order More Gigs”.

I am not talking about Extras - just gigs.

No worries if no one knows! Thanks for your time.


I think multiple orders count towards leveling up, but I’m not sure.


Thanks for responding @jlr0309! I’ll keep looking until I can (hopefully) find a definite answer, but it helps to hear what others think.

Have a great day!


Multiple sales from one buyer still count, so if one buyer purchases your gig 3 times and another purcases 7, you just sold 10.

Repeat business is great on Fiverr.



@hotwebideas Perfect! Thank you for taking such a large part of your day and devoting it to helping people on the forum. Thankless job? Maybe… but so is Batman’s!