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Quantity or Quality

Hello :grinning:

Please shoot your thoughts. Which one have made you happier to success your gigs?

- Numerous small orders, or
- Big projects



Nice clients who don’t bargain and appreciate you as a professional human being


Quantity or quality: :thinking: Quantity depends on how small the order is. (Quality of the work done is always a given!)

As a proofreader, I do not like $5 orders. The document needs to be downloaded, renamed, saved to a file, and then worked upon. That is not worth $4 to me. So, I made my smallest package $10.

As for large orders, I do not take orders over $200 if it is a new client. I do not want to take a chance on getting a PP chargeback.

I like that kind of buyer too!


I prefer proofreading a book versus business materials/articles, haha. Maybe one day I’ll get lucky enough to get the job to proofread a fiction novel (that hopefully doesn’t pay peanuts).


quality of course. It always see my own work make someone happy & successful


Quality is my first priority for my work. If the quality of my work is good then of course the client will appreciate my work and come back to me again. :blush:


I think that should always be the top priority of a freelancer. However, if you read the way the OP framed his question, he is asking if we want - Numerous small orders = quantity or a few few Big Projects = quality.

BTW, OP has now changed the original post, so my answer may look way off.


Thanks guys for the comments!

I always had a dilemma: Try to fit as many projects I can in a given time or stop the world for a project to be immersed for hours! Still as today I find in both a bit of romance :smiley:

I guess it all depends on who you pleasing with your final workpiece and the appreciation!

Do you agree on that?


Quality orders, means decently paid orders from customers who know what they talk about. They can appreciate you and compare correctly. I find easily that music enthusiasts appreciate me a lot better than casual buyers. When they have a good hifi, know about styles, film music and instruments. Just consider a buyer expert of classical music. He knows the position of the orchestral elements. He would never complain because the first violins are on the far left of the panorama in my scores. Because he knows they ARE there since centuries.


Dang, good question.
It does depend on the contents of course, but the shortest amount of time I have spent on a gig was 5 minutes. I don’t mind getting 10 of those each week!

Having that said…hmmm. I had a gig the other day where I had to translate a long list of old western movies and the synopsis, and I was paid a little under $400. It was fun to work on, and I finished it in 4 days.

Dang, I dunno! Maybe both, even balanced and spread out!??


depends… small orders can bring more trouble from my experience … if you have regular customers that don’t complain too much and they give you good ratings,small orders help however this doesn’t really work let’s say if you receive ten 5$ orders from 10 different customers… although most buyers are nice , a few of them might cause you trouble. I noticed that this happens usually with basic packages , the lower the price the higher the expectations in some cases


Since I charge the same amount per word for short stories and novels, I prefer tons of short stories any day! They don’t take as long, require less commitment and consistency from me (and the buyer), and keep me from getting bored with the same characters.

For me, a small project is anything less than or equal to 10k while anything 20k or higher is a big one. The space in between depends on the genre and isn’t as popular (most people want a 75k+ novel or a 5k short story).

I must note, though, that while the numerous small orders make me happier, the big projects have brought more success (read: money) to my gigs. Because of them, I often always have something 1-3 projects in my queue. So maybe the best mix is one novel and two short stories? Great post topic, btw!


Exactly, I Follow this rules also personally

Mostly, the buyers who purchase the basic package expect a work of a premium package. And the most annoying thing is that they just order and ask you to work on it before contacting you first.

But I believe in quality over quantity.

I definitely prefer lots of short voiceovers than big projects… it’s easier and takes less time to record and edit.


Quality 100%. Especially since the pandemic started. I get approached with bigger projects more frequently now.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that smaller orders will help you keep your stats in order and you’ll have more wiggle room in case of late deliveries, cancellations, etc.



So far those are the preferences:

  • Quality: 64%

  • Quantity: 22%

  • Depends / Either way: 14%

What I can understand from the comments is that Content is important but, the people you deal with gains some weight on it. Do you prefer a nice project with a mediocre buyer or perhaps the buyer is more important than the project in some occasions? Life can’t always be beautiful and needs to be complemented :grinning:

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Definitely, small orders as they don’t take much time

I think you need to small project in start but when you will do a good job then i would recommend to you go for big projects.