Quantum Biofeedback Distance Healing


My gig offers incredible distance healing/energy balancing with Quantum Biofeedback for $5. Reviews have been great. Check it out https://www.fiverr.com/jborowy/perform-a-distance-quantum-biofeedback-session


Hi Jborowy, Sounds interesting. How does it work in healing?


Is is similar to muscle testing?


Hi lotusfir,

You could say that it’s similar to muscle testing, in a way. Instead of a kinesiologic test, it scans for a feedback response from the quantum field after tuning into your energy. It’s quite amazing. First time a friend and I had a treatment with this technology, we both said we felt better than we had in a long time. It’s a unique combination of science and consciousness that makes it work.

By the way, the first time I was treated with Quantum Biofeedback, it was $120. I think my gig is a steal… :slight_smile:


Hi Jborowy, That’s great!! I PM you. :slight_smile: