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Quarantine is an opportunity

Hey! Once you’re аt home, it is the best time to stаrt taking cаre of yourself!
There are a lot of unhealthy ways to lose weight in a small period of time, such as crazy dieting and “magic pills”. It is important to say I’m not selling any product. I am here to help you, to join you in this journey together.
First of all, you will eat what you love while loosing your weight, and you will eat a lot. Yes, even chocolate, if you’d love to. I will make you a special meal plan according to your taste, your daily routine and your lifestyle, including recipes of special low calorie delicious desserts. I will be there to answer any of your questions and to support you, if you’d like :slight_smile:
About me: I used to weight 262 lbs (119 kg). I used to be so much frustrated and depressed because of my obesity. After learning tonnes of information about how our body works and specifically about weight loss, I’ve managed to lose approximately 90 lbs (40 kg) with no exercise.


Welcome to Fiverr Forum. Best wishes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy!

Hey! Wishing you luck on your gig

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