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Queries about Buyer Requests and Gig Impressions

Hi all, I am a new seller and waiting to get my first order. From the last week, I have started getting buyer requests. I have a couple of queries:

I can send ten offers every day. However, I am getting lesser buyer requests. Most of the time, I am getting 7 or 8 requests per day in my category. Moreover, my gig impressions are going down day by day. (In starting, it was 80 or 90 impressions per day. Now it is 30-35 per day).

  1. Is there anything I can do from my end to get more buyer requests?

  2. My second query is that what are the possible reasons behind lower gig impressions? Or What can I do to improve gig impressions? ( I have started sharing my gigs on social media).

Looking forward to your suggestions guys.

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You Can make a post of request.Then many seller visiting your profile than your gig impression are go to up…If you like my reply so like this comment…

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Any suggestions from you?

If you are advising this guy to use the Buyer’s Request section to post his Gig, that is NOT what the Buyer’s Request section is for and could get him a warning for spamming that area. That area is only for buyer’s to put the outline of work they want done.

Now, if you meant “answer buyer requests”, yes, they should be doing that in order to hopefully be hired. But, I don’t think that is what you meant due to you saying, “many sellers will visit your profile”…

Lower Gig impressions are due to buyers not clicking on your Gig. So, either you need to polish up your Gig, its video intro or the thumbnail and keywords you are using in order to gain potential buyers interest again.

Depending on your level, there is not much you can do to get more buyer’s requests. There could be a day where there are many requests, and then nothing for days. Also, if you are relatively new, you will not get the maximum number of requests that are existing. Your account has to be leveled up to see all the requests made.


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Thank you for your good information.

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