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Queries about new fiverr account

I’m thinking about making a new account on Fiverr. I have two queries before I disable my current account;

  1. Do I need to ask CS for permission to disable the current account and make a new one. (keep in mind that I didn’t get banned or anything).
  2. How can I use the current account’s phone number for the new account?

Thanks in advance!


I may be incorrect, but there is not a way to use a phone number twice. I was being harassed and both mine and my partners phone numbers were used on a variety of platforms (Fiverr, telegram, facebook…), but I couldn’t join at all without getting a new phone number after speaking with support.

Why would you want to make a new account?


I’m thinking about changing my username.

You can just have your username changed by contacting Fiverr CS, though that will remove all your reviews.

This article says that you can’t change your username without closing your existing account.

Why? What’s wrong with it? Buyers don’t really pay attention to usernames, anyway, unless they’re inappropriate or highly unprofessional.


There’s nothing wrong with it. I just want a username that explains the services I provide. Your username is one example of it.