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Queries and order on gig

My friend and me start the selling on fiverr on approx same month
but he receive approx 5-10 query of client on daily routine without even posting the request to client

and i am consuming daily my 10 request approx on routine
but i didn’t receive too much queries from client

from 10 posting request i am receiving just 1-2 queries per 2-3 day not even daily

i had set almost all meta tags, profile photo, specification , description
but he received daily 5-10 queries on daily routine
but why not me ??

the more queries he face the more he build up his profile and earn from his service we sell the same service with same experience

what can i do i am really in depression
Please help me

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Marketing your gig at Social media in every day, you need clicks to come first page in Fiverr page then you have to be able to get more orders :hugs: :hugs: