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Queries for content in gigs

Good afternoon everyone! I am a beginner in Fiverr and I already did two Gigs presenting my works. I am an illustrator, and I am looking to learn and grow as an artist. But I have doubts about the content I can put. I saw that other artists can publish in their Gigs a large number of images showing their works. But when I create mine, just let me put 3 images. Is this for some reason? Could someone guide me more about it? I also had the problem that I wanted to place an illustration that has a vertical format, and cut it to make it more square, but it doesn’t let me. And I do not understand what would be the restriction to place that image. Above it is a work of which I am proud and I would like to be able to show inside my gallery, but it does not leave me. I hope they are not many questions. Thank you very much to all who can help me and guide me to improve in this area. Cheers!


Hi there, what you are looking at, when you see the large number of images, isn’t the 3 Gig images but the seller’s portfolio.
Go to the Seller Help Center and type “portfolio” in the search bar, and you’ll see a list of all the relevant articles, which explain what and how:

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Sorry for the really late replay. Thank you very much for your help!