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Query about adult content. What to do?


I just got a query about writing an adult content. I have refused it. Do I also have to report it as it is against FIverr TOS??


Reply to @kay2809: I just reported…


Reply to @ryan9999: I too have some time to kill bruh. Let’s play chess for weeks.


Reply to @ryan9999: I know. Gone are the days of 1 click reporting. Only determined people can use this process of reporting.


Reply to @emasonwrites: oh tat ways… Thanks for the help!


Reply to @ryan9999: You’d have to open a ticket with CS and paste in the link to the offending account.


Please give me some suggestions.


You can report it if you want–I think this is one of the areas in which Fiverr turns a blind eye. They state very clearly in the TOS that no “adult or pornographic” products or services are to be exchanged, but I’ve never heard of someone having their cam video gig or erotic fiction or similar gig removed. Just because I’ve never heard of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen…but…yeah.


I agree. You can report it if you want to. I’d make the decision based on how “adult” the request is. Fiverr would probably want to know if it’s something they could get in trouble over.


Reply to @emasonwrites: Thanks for the input. Where can I find the report tab. I can’t see it.