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Query about work that was not accepted by the buyer?


So long ago I wrote a novel that was not accepted by person on fiverr as
he was asking for 2 novels in the same price when he had ordered for
one. But now I want to reuse the content that i wrote but is there any
iron clad way to ensure that it has not been already used?


Check it through a plagiarism checker.


Which one? Cant fiverr ensure me that it is my property since the man did not accept my order?


Use it. If there was no payment there was no exchange of copyright. I published my own diet book on Amazon after the person who had ordered it decided not to pay. (Didn’t happen on Fiverr).


Are you sure :confused: Plagiarism is a big deal and how can I sell someone that he might get caught for (New client)


Can some one from the admins tell me more about this?


If you have manuscript which predates any that anyone who published your book might have, you are the rightful copyright owner, as long as you can prove they never paid you for the work.


What manuscript are you talking about. There arent any legal contracts on fiverr just the order cancellation page


The word document or similar which you wrote your novel on is your manuscript. It will automatically have the date upon which it was created and last edited written into it. (Right click - then properties). As for legal contracts, Fiverr’s T&C’s stipulate that copyright is automatically passed on to the buyer when an order is delivered and marked as complete. Screenshots of any messages and the cancellation page would therefore suffice as proof of non-payment.


Okays thankyou very much for clearing my doubts then :slight_smile:


@cyaxrex is absolutely correct. Recently, I had an order cancellation and I guess CS confused me for the buyer instead of the seller and sent me that email explaining that the copyright and all work remains the seller’s once the order has been cancelled.