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Query for experienced buyers

Hi everyone.

I brought an asmr video from a seller three weeks back, but after saying they’d been restricted from messaging via the inbox and no money has come into their bank account, they have asked me to pay them via PayPal.
This was a week ago when they’d delayed my video for a second time.

I guess I have a question

  1. Couldnt a seller still post the finished product still even if they were restricted from messaging via inbox? They had no problem communicating through the order chat.

Something just feels suspicious.


Report them to CS immediately, payment outside the platform is a big nono, its against the terms of service.


This is all kinds of wrong. Report to Customer Support

Dodgy in the extreme. They either got banned from here or they just want to go off-platform to save the 20% they already promised to Fiverr for helping find clients.

Leave this one alone. Find someone who has honor.



Definitely sounds like you’ve been taken for a ride.

Did you actually place an order with the seller through Fiverr, and if so, did you ever receive anything from the delivery? If not, then you’ve already been swindled once and the seller is trying to swindle you again via paying offsite.

If you’ve already paid the seller via PayPal, don’t expect any video to ever come your way. You’ve been hoodwinked twice by the same person.

Yes, I brought through fiverr, and received only updates that she needed a bit more time. I’d brought from her before, no problems then.

That was why I was wondering if even if a restricted account could deliver a finished order.

I havent paid through PayPal.

If her account is terminated, then any orders she has active will automatically close.

If her account is restricted, she might be able to work only on the orders she currently has active, but cannot receive any new orders. I’m not exactly sure and might be mistaken.

Good thing you haven’t paid via PayPal.

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