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Query regarding additional charges as a buyer

Hi there. I tried to find a similar thread on this but cannot see one. Apologies if this is a duplicate. I am loving user Fiverr as a buyer but am having trouble reconciling accounts. It appears that for every $6 spent at Fiverr I am charged £8.90 by my bank. $6 should be around £4.65 so presumably there are additional charges but I am not sure where these are from. Does anyone know if this is likely to be Fiverr, Paypal or bank charges. Whilst I appreciate it isn’t a huge amount I do order a lot of gigs and will usually tip meaning that I am usually being charged twice for each transaction and would prefer not to incur the additional charges if possible.

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That does seem very high!
I can only imagine that it is bank charges for currency conversion or something like that.
This post may be useful as it explains a way to load larger amounts to your Fiverr account and cut down on transaction fees. If the extra fees are for currency conversion, then it should cut down on that too.

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Thanks for the quick reply. That is a really useful link.


Glad to help - credit for the link goes to @gina_riley2 a very regular buyer on Fiverr who knows a thing or two!