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Query regarding rating

Hi, A buyer mistakenly gave me lower (4.3) ratings and now my rating is 4.9 overall on my profile and on that particular gig (my best seller) as well. My question is how many perfect 5 ratings I need to get back to that glorious 5.0 on my profile and that gig as well.
I have a total of 9 reviews (8, 5 ratings and 1, 4.3 ) on my profile and 6 reviews (5, 5 ratings and 1, 4.3)

That’s a very simple question.
Did you have math classes in school? Do you know how to calculate “average” number?
You can also google on how to do math to find an average or you can look here on the forum 2 topics from @maitasun where she explains everything how to do that math even with examples.

Good luck