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Query Regarding Services & payments


Suppose i pay $5 for a video creation service and the buyer didn’t complete or deliver the project, Is there any refund or the buyer will get that amount from fiverr .

OR payment is only done to buyer If i am satisfied with the service ?


If you purchase something off a seller and they don’t deliver at all the countdown clock will continue to countdown until you are able to cancel the order and have the funds returned to you, once you cancel it you will be able to automatically give the seller negative feedback. In the event you order something and the buyer just delivers a blank page you are able to reject the delivery and request they fix it, if they don’t you can contact support and they will cancel the order for you. Fiverr places a 14 day hold on funds in sellers account after its been delivered so you will have ample time to have your funds returned. :slight_smile: