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Question about a flagged order submission


I have been with fiverr for a few months now and I completed a resubmission for a client this afternoon and it was flagged. Here is what my message was:

Ok here we go! I used a few of the new edits you sent however the inflection didnt flow correctly on all of them so I used what I felt sounded best. Please let me know what you think and I am happy to make any additional corrections for you to get it right at no additional charge.

Thank you for letting me work with you on this project! I do consultation work outside of fiverr too if you ever want some additional assistance with improving your recordings too!

Im guessing I was maybe wrong saying i did consulting outside of fiverr?? Can anyone confirm? Also if that is the offending content can I remove it so my customer gets their order and it is not held up by such a silly stipulation?


Yup! Outside contact is forbidden and is against Fiverr’s ToS. Since it was flagged Fiverr’s Trust & Safety will review the exchange.

To protect our users’ privacy, user identities are kept anonymous. Requesting or providing Email addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted.


I’m not saying you should worry but you might wanna start praying mate.


Please read the Terms of Service! This is possibly the worst violation you can have. You cannot offer to work outside of fiverr.


This is not just a silly stipulation. This is a ToS violation that can cause a warning, suspension or ban.


I can’t believe you said that. Fiverr is very firm about not getting clients on fiverr and then contacting them off fiverr. They spend millions of dollars a year to bring buyers to this site. You are on their site, reaping the benefits of their advertising to bring you clients. You are not allowed to steal them away from fiverr.

People get banned for this immediately.


All I can say is that it is amazing you still have active gigs and a live Fiverr account. You dodged the ball on this one, lucky fellow.

There is nothing wrong with working outside Fiverr, just like there is nothing wrong with working at a job and having your own business on the side. Poaching clients from one to the other is unethical at best and illegal in the worse scenarios. Before you say it isn’t poaching - offering to let someone hire you off-Fiverr when Fiverr provided the client to you is exactly that.


I guess where I am at with it is that I didn’t provide any outside links or even any additional contact information. If she wanted me to do consultant work for her I could set up a gig to do that. Simply saying “hey I do THIS service too” doesn’t seem like it should immediately be taken the way it is apparently being taken. I was not in any way trying to do something off the site especially since I am very aware of the rules about providing contact information. In the page I was using to reply back to the client it specified that it was ok to offer additional services. Do I get the opportunity to state my case with this or how does the process work?

Edit: fixed spelling error. Also please dont take offense to the ‘silly’ comment, i didnt mean to imply anything disrespectful by that.


You aren’t allowed to say this or anything like it on fiverr. You invited her to hire you outside of fiverr. It is quite clear and there is no way to misinterpret it. Saying that has gotten people banned. As fonthaunt said, you are lucky to still be here.


No disrespect intended, but I do not at all see how I invited her to hire me outside of Fiverr. I didn’t provide any contact information or even provide anyway for her to reach me outside of the site. It’s an ongoing work order and letting her know that I can do other services for her is just good business. I could see the argument more if I had told her to reach me somehow outside of the site.

It’s been resolved now but a good reminder to be mindful of what I say I suppose.


Trust me when I say, I’ve seen people being banned for less - It’s not pretty.
You dodged a bullet here man. Go through the ToS, all of it, it’ll save you from a lotta unnecessary worry in the future.


I absolutely get it, I feel that it’s a wee bit of a knee jerk reaction on fiverrs part, but I’m sure there have been issues in the past that caused the firm stance. I am just happy that I was able to get it resolved without any issues.


Saying that you do consultation work outside of Fiverr, too, sounds like telling her to find you outside of the site.

For future reference: if you can offer consultations, just say so. Something like “I provide consultations, too, if you ever need them”, without mentioning that you do it outside of Fiverr.

Good luck!