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Question about a video from gigs

Hello freelancers, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
Does the length of the gigs video matter?
Does the length of the video affect the positioning of our gig?
If so, is it better to create a shorter or longer video?
I hope you will help me with my inquiry as always! :thinking:
Have a nice day! :heart:


Please choose a video no longer than 75 seconds and less than 50 MB. The allowed file formats are mp4 and AVI.


I know it, but does the length of the film affect its positive effect?


Fiverr recommended it will increase your sales 40% more but I am not trying this till now


Hey there! So first of all, I don’t believe the length of a video affects your gig’s positioning. As @habib_rahman1 says adding a video does help make your gig look more appealing to potential buyers. However having a video in itself doesn’t affect your ‘ranking’.

Secondly, I think the most ideal length depends on the service you provide. The ideal length for a promotional gig video I’d personally say is around 30-40 seconds but again, depends on your service too. Generally speaking though, you should be able to advertise your skills within that time and be able to excite your buyer with reasons why you’re the one they should hire.

If you need the 75 seconds to explain your services (for example if it’s quite versatile and want to make sure you convey all the necessary information) then use that time. My advice however would be to not just fill those 75 seconds just because you can. This may lead to repetitive info that you phrased slightly different or to you including redundant info.

Think about the concept of an elevator pitch, it exists for a reason. It’s based on the idea you should be able to spark an interest among, in this case, buyers within a time frame of around 20-30 seconds. I think this can be applied to a gig video as well.

Again, this is all my own opinion but I hope this helped! :smiley:


Thanks a lot. I needed such an answer!

And beyond the 30 seconds you wrote about, isn’t it worth adding some of your works at the expense of the length of the film?

You can put whatever you wish in your video as long as it is under 75 seconds, contains content owned or created by you, and doesn’t violate Fiverr ToS or Community Guidelines.

Gig videos are basically a commercial for the gig. The video should hopefully be relevant and informational in regards to the service provided, and also compelling/entertaining to keep the viewer’s interest and nudge them towards making an order.

If you can create a video that is pertinent, informational, and compelling, then the exact length won’t really matter.


Of course! As I said, if you need more time to convey your skills thoroughly then by all means use the time. I took a look at your gig to see what field your in and that’s an example of putting a gig video to good use :slight_smile:

I think a good thing to think about when making a video is putting yourself in the shoes of the buyer and think to yourself if it tells them everything they need to know? Would it excite them to work together with you? So I wouldn’t obsess too much about the length, but like I said before, make sure it’s as long as it should be if that makes sense haha.


Thank you for the useful hint!

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement for further development! :grinning:

A very useful suggestion. I will keep this in mind for the next change to the movies!

Despite appearances, it makes a lot of sense haha ​​I’ll try to think about these things and improve my gigs to make them look their best!
Thanks again!


When it comes to Gig Videos, I would suggest a person research what other Sellers in their category are doing… and then do the complete opposite.

Yes, a gig videos purpose in some cases is to display your work, but a gig video can be also be a way to connect with a potential buyer, providing them with a compelling reason to choose you and click and open your gig.

If we look at it from a Buyer’s perspective, they could be watching a lot of videos that feel or look “the same”. Subsequently, if your video is unique to you and your selling category, it helps you differentiate yourself from others. And at the end of the day, people hire people with whom they connect with. Your body of work may be outstanding, but if you are a jerk and difficult wot work with, in a sea of other sellers, you can easily get passed over.


thanks for the useful tips!
Then it is best to create films on, for example, funny topics to keep the customer at your gig?


or maybe it is better to identify with the client in them so that he feels that we understand his needs?

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More people getting orders without gig video but iam not get order with gig video … pray for me

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I’m in a similar situation but I know it takes time :confused: … so be patient and develop! Also, try to use the buyer’s request.
Good luck!

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