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Question about account disabling

Is anyone else having issues with their accounts suddenly becoming disabled? My husband and I both tonight have had our accounts suddenly disabled out of the blue. We follow all the TOS and typically have quite a lot of money passing through our accounts. It’s resulted in both of us having gigs cancelled worth over $100. I have $200 meant to be clearing in my account in the next few days. I already raised a ticket, but was wondering if anyone else is having this issue? Just seemed weird that we both had it happen within hours of each other…?


Can it be that you both are using the same computer/internet resulting in an account ban for using multiple accounts?


@thecreativeguys thanks for your reply - we do use the same internet connection but different laptops. We do travel a lot though so our internet connections change very randomly sometimes as we work on the road. I hope they sort it out soon as we make a lot of our money through Fiverr and have several regulars through here we’d hate to disappoint.

When two people are using one IP address it can appear to be one person with 2 accounts. It is likely that caused you both to be banned. You can try to explain the accounts to support and offer proof that you were using separate PayPal accounts and selling in different categories. It might work or it might not.

Since the Terms on Fiverr are clear about multiple accounts you really needed to get written permission from Fiverr before you had 2 members of one household using Fiverr. If you didn’t have that you were always at risk.


Thanks fonthaunt - I wasn’t aware of the IP issue. I must have missed that when we both signed up (we did sign up at different times). I’m not overly bothered as I get sufficient work off of Fiverr, it was just a nice little side gig to have. As long as I get my money I’m owed, then oh well I guess.

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Perhaps they can sort it out. You should be able to get your funds after a waiting period. They usually require proof that you own the PayPal/Payoneer account, that your Fiverr profile country matches your payment account details and that sort of thing. With documentation provided they normally release the funds. :slight_smile:

Awesome. I hope so - as we are both freelance writers and have been doing this for over a year but we travel a lot as well. Sometimes we both use Fiverr and sometimes we don’t. My husband hasn’t had much work in his for awhile due to him taking some time off to deal with health issues. He’s really not taken it well, so I hope they can sort it out!

If you both do writing perhaps you can just share an account. Good luck!

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That would be an awesome plan! Here’s hoping that can be a solution! :smiley: Thanks again fonthaunt :slight_smile:

Fonthaunt is 100% on point. If it was restricted by the Fiverr trust and safety team like mine was some days ago, I would have suggested a change of password from the security section of your account as this might be useful in account ownership verification. Since it is disabled, contacting support is still the most useful way out.


Yep - I contacted them and they already got back to me saying that we’d have to combine accounts if possible or one of us sell a different product. My husband wants to leave anyway, so he’s just going to close his account and go elsewhere. Hopefully they will be fine with mine coming back online though.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


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