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Question about ACTIVE/ PAUSE my gigs

In October I have a travel vacation, I can’t online on Fiverr.
I think about If click pause gig, it will be lost in the search in search keyword when I acctive gig again?!
Because now I’m in page 1 on website Fiverr.

When I have gone on OOO mode it takes a week or so to get my gig placement back once I reactivate my profile. :confused:


There really isn’t much way around this. If you can at least check messages, you could set your delivery times very long (anywhere from a few days to a month) and keep your gigs up but just not deliver until you get back. You just can’t do that if you can’t check and respond to messages daily while you are traveling. If you won’t be able to check messages, you either have to pause your gigs or go on OOO (out of office) mode.


Okay I think I shouldn’t gone on OOO. I will set delivery times long.

Thank you so much, I will choose set delivery times long.

Some buyers don’t notice that the delivery time is long when they place the order, and some of them might get angry that they’re not getting their work done quickly, and demand a cancellation.

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It’s so hard, I don’t want pause gig too.
But on my profile I’ve write “send me a message before you order”…

Fiverr was designed so that buyers don’t have to contact sellers before placing the order.

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Yes, I see about 70 percent contact me and 30 percent set order on my profile.
I thinking about I should design a banner in third gallery remind them, the first time I travel vacation lost 6 days not computer for work.

True. If you use this method, I would put info about your long delivery times in your gigs, profile description and maybe a special gig image. I have used this method myself often and set times as long as 21 days without problems, but I do usually put a big bold line at the very top of every gig description.

One thing I would keep in mind is that it depends on the length of your vacation. If you need to be off as long as two weeks or more and your previous buyers were used to short deliveries, that might be different. My regular buyers aren’t accustomed to express delivery unless they pay extra. If you will only be away 5-7 days, though, I think most buyers will tolerate changes like that fairly well if you put up even one notice.


Thank you so much, your information very helpful :heart: .