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Question about an unfair rating


This is something so small, but I needed someone’s opinion on something. I recently had a buyer request that I write a poem for them. After several days, the buyer ordered my gig. After the buyer ordered my gig, the buyer requested additional things besides the poem that was not in our initial agreement. One of the additions I did without further charge, but I told them to order another gig for one of the other things that they wanted. So this buyer sent me paragraphs and paragraphs of information that looked like a poem itself, which confused me. So I did what the buyer requested, delivered it to them just to have them send it back to me. I was okay with it because I’m willing to do modifications. Me and this buyer emailed back and forth until the buyer was happy with the work. After I delivered the final product they rated me a 3.5 killing my perfect rating. I know that this is silly, but I feel like I was rated unfairly because at the end of the day I did everything that they asked of me just to receive that rating. What are your thoughts regarding this?

Thank you.

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Many sellers are willing to do whatever it takes to complete any order that comes their way. That’s the reason people end up getting ratings which are ludacris.

If you sense a little something from the buyer it is better not to loose your rating for just $4.00.

It could be a risk but in the end you’ll win. YES. YES. YES. You are allowed to tell a buyer I can’t do this for you. Obviously in a polite manner.

People have to realize that ratings mean business. I’ve heard many stories like this.

For your sake and in this situation, you should ask the buyer for a good review for a refund. Either you both agree to cancel the order, or you purchase a gig from him and in return it’ll clean some things up.

I feel for you. This message should be read by everyone. Hopefully.

Well, that’s what rating is for. And unfortunately a buyer can rate you however they like. Some will give you bad review because they like to mess with people and some because they felt like this rating will suit the service you provided them.
You should have stated clearly that you don’t do anything except for what was written in the description. The person probably saw that he will convince you, so he used it.
Don’t bother with one lower rating, just provide the best service you can:) There’s many designers, writers, developers that have few bad reviews, but what it is compared to thousands of good ones?:slight_smile: Keep your head up, it should be also fun to you, don’t treat it like you have to satisfy everyone.

Thank you.
I will definitely do this because I was going to cancel it, when he kept messaging me paragraphs of information, but I didn’t think the buyer would rate me this way after I did everything that they requested.

I just went through the same situation, kept modifying the order as i always do, to keep my client satisfied, in the end, this client after thanking me for my work, and requesting some additional work, ended up giving me 3 stars, when i asked about it, they told me it was an accident, and then gave me 4 stars…

I’m seriously thinking about limiting the amount of revisions to once or twice. At least we won’t feel bad if we are given a “satisfactory” rating.

I went through this same situation as well, in my case, the buyer had already been biased from the start, because of the comment he made. I guess I learned my lessons anyway, sure will not happen next time.

But let me ask, how can you know that a buyer will post a negative review?

I pride my self in providing superb customer service but I would love if fiver removes the rating percentage and just leaves the 5 stars as a reference of the sellers quality. So, if you consistently maintain a good rating, buyers would only see the stars and not a percentage.

I asked the buyer why he rated me a 3.5 he said that it was a mistake and that he meant to rate me a 4.5. When I woke up this morning, he gave me a 4. I was looking forward to the 4.5, but I’ll take the 4. Probably did that because I rated him a 4.

Reply to @lennadesigns:
Understandable, I just dislike the fact the buyer rated me that way after I did what they requested of me.
Thank you for your response.

Reply to @jasmine313: I understand you, I really do:) Buyers are picky and they want the world for $5 even if it states clearly, that you just do what you wrote in your description and then post unfair rating. I guess we have to get used to it:) I had several clients on my website asking for the price of designed and coded responsive website with visual composer, options panel, payed plugins and bunch of other things. When they heard the price they where saying it’s too expensive and anyone else will do it for less. So I asked how much money they wanted to spend on it, and they said 'not more than $150, $50…I even had a person asking if I can build an e-commerce website for free, because he is important person and he would pass a good word about me. People…

Reply to @ashlena:
Thank you for your response. I only had to modify it once because he sent me many messages about what he wanted. It was just so confusing, he wanted too much and I should have just cancelled it in the first place when he started requesting things that we did not initially agree on. I did too much work for $5 just to be rated a 3.5, but life continuous lol.

Reply to @jasmine313: Half these buyers expect too much for 5$, like the seller above said, we should just learn to say no, no more regrets at least! lol

Reply to @ecoverfuture: You never know. Sometimes the sweet and kind buyers give you one star in the end I saw many people here complaining about it. Sometimes you may read it in their message.

Reply to @ecoverfuture: you can’t know, but some buyers are too obvious with their demands and the way they address you, 5$ is surely not worth the headaches, the bad experience, and the bad review.

Reply to @ecoverfuture:
I guess you can never be sure until they actually rate you.