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Question about Astrology & Readings?


I just saw fiverr have a legitimate category of astrelogy & readings. I’m little dissapointed because that was never proved it worked. Some people really have a lot of orders and it’s questioning my interest in fiverr further. I think this is just a tricky people playing with desperate people with words manipulating, NO OFFENSE ANYONE PLEASE, what do you think about it? Is it crazy or what?:open_mouth:


I just received private message that I should delete this or… wtf? I have really good experience with my fiverr sellers but those ones are just CENZORED

anyway wish you all good luck with corona virus stay safe and sound.

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I am not a professional psychic but I do read playing cards which have never been wrong. Unless you are familiar with it, the real thing, it’s normal to disbelieve. You are welcome to your own opinion of course. So I can only speak for my own experience with it.

I do think you know you are going to cause some offense.

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It’s a bit of generalization with no factual evidence, though.

And I’m saying this as someone who came from a culture where it’s common to believe in these things while I’m not much of a believer myself. You can’t say that something was never true for anyone ever just “because”.


And yet no psychic has ever used a savvy marketing campaign to warn the future world of coronavirus, etc.

Personally, I can’t see how anyone can buy these services (no offence to those selling them) when it seems like pretty much all practitioners recently missed the next biggest thing since 9/11…

I mean, at some point people just have to get real.


How would the position of something like Mars have a noticeable effect on someone’s life on Earth (in general - assuming you weren’t planning to travel to Mars or anything) and why? Due to gravity?

Haven’t tests been done though (on things like astrology) and were there ever any statistically significant results in proper scientifically run tests?


It’s so hard to read that so many don’t believe in something that I’m so familiar with in my own life but it’s understandable. I probably wouldn’t believe in it either without the experience I’ve had with it. And I’m aware that not everyone is genuine.

Here is one problem I’ve found about telling other people what’s going to happen. It’s often so far outside of anything believable. I mean you can tell them they will have something happen that’s very unlikely and they won’t believe it until a couple of months down the road, it actually happens.

If I had asked the cards what will happen in the coming month and they told me a pandemic was about to happen I’m certainly not going to go around telling people that.

I’ve had many experiences like that, where I can’t tell people about it because no one would believe me. I keep quiet about things as much as possible.

I’m not much of a believer myself although I was born and raised to a culture that is open to psychics and “babas” (“old white witches” if you will). But this post has this typical and unmistakable “OMG can you imagine what’s happening on fiverr” tone to it that I’m sensitive to.


I’m not prepared or willing to debate this. I am, however, can’t help but notice the similar tone and message your average "OMG can you imagine what’s happening on fiverr” posts have.

At first, it’s this and then it’s “the flying saucer I commissioned to be drawn is of a similar shape this flying saucer is and I am scandalized beyond belief”.

It’s been discussed by people interested in this subject that it’s a shame people are so totally closed minded about it all. How do you argue with them? You can’t. Why bother to do it. Why put yourself through that.

We feel it’s a great loss for the greater good that most people don’t want to be open minded about it. This thread is somewhat painful for me to even see.

Maybe some are open minded but if it’s not shown scientifically to work (more than chance/probability/no statistically significant results) maybe they would be less likely to buy gigs for that.

Maybe the those who do astrology could create some tests that could be run by many people objectively (scientists etc.) that could be shown to have statistically significant tests showing it works so they’d have proof (more than chance etc.).

@uk1000 Why put myself through that for all the doubters like you. This is stressful for me. I quietly sit at home and sometimes read the cards and know to believe them.

It doesn’t need to be you. It could be any of the many people who do astrology and believe in it or a group of them could come up with a test/tests that can prove it works.

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I don’t think we, any one who knows and believes something, has the urge to try to prove it to disbelievers. I get a headache thinking about that. It’s ok if you don’t believe it. I see this is again another toxic pointless discussion.

Scientists usually do. If they do some tests and believe something worked they’ll create a procedure that allows other scientists to do the same test so it can be checked to see if it works. The same thing with maths theorems I think.

edit: Also with astronomy people can check the scientific proofs or other things related to it to see if they’re accurate or not or how accurate (or find new ways to get more accurate results). Why isn’t something similar done with astrology?

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In my opinion, basically they are playing with people believe. As like if you believe on those thing, you will do whatever they are asking. So your problem is easily solved. On the other hand if you don’t believe its nothing


I get a message like these at least once a month. It’s no fun. Passive aggression. I’m caught in the middle of two worlds.

I consistently get asked about how I can prove my services in SEO and Marketing so being asked questions are pretty fair enough for any service.

I just don’t see why this category gets more scrutiny than others seem to despite the fact that the big sellers seem to get less negative feedback than most categories do.


Hey Vitjaz, welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

Why are you losing interest in Fiverr because certain services you don’t believe in are sold here? Surely every marketplace or shopping mall sells products or services you don’t believe in – religious texts (no one believes in them all), diet pills, homeopathy, etc.

You just buy the stuff you want and leave the rest, no? That’s what I do!


Probably because there’s probably no scientific proof for astrology and some of the categories are about the future and there’s no way to check if it’s accurate within the time allowed for the review. With the other categories you can normally tell almost instantly (or within a day or 2) how good/accurate a delivery is.