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Question about Avg Sale Price

Hello! I’m new and just completed my first customer order! I noticed in my analytics, however, that I have one completed order, $4 total earnings (which should be correct), but my avg selling price says $7.35. How is my avg selling price higher than my revenue? Did I receive a tip, and if so, does that not show in my total revenue? Thanks!


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The avg selling price will include Fiverr’s 20%. It should be the average selling price over the period it shows in the analytics screen. Your total earnings should be the price the orders sold at minus the 20% that goes to Fiverr.

You can look on the order page to see if there were any tips/the total price of the order to see if it’s correct. The “Orders->Manage Sales” page should show info about it too but Fiverr doesn’t make it so the subtotals add up to the total on that page when there are tips.


Orders --> Manage Sales shows my sale was for a $5 total, and I’ve only been here a week and that’s the only sale I’ve made so far. So I’m still confused as to why my avg sale price is $7.35. Thanks for taking the time to respond, though; I guess I’ll just wait and see what happens. :slight_smile:

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If it looks wrong you could contact the seller helpdesk about it. From this page (Seller Help Centre).

edit: Also check the order page in case there was anything like a tip or other extra. Though normally you should have got a notification if there was a tip.

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