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Question about blocking a customer

If I block a customer from buying my services, could they make a new account to try and purchase from me again? Does anyone have any sort of protocol when it comes to blocking customers?

I don’t block anyone anymore. I did. However, my sales went off a cliff edge. It was also pointless as buyers I blocked would typically send a message 24-hours later (despite being blocked) furious that I’d blocked them. Then they threaten all kinds of lovely things like going to CS and trying to destroy your business.

If I was being harassed by a buyer, I may lock them. However, short of them saying “work for me or I kick your Chihuahua” I just ignore the sea of weirdos. I say I can’t help in a short sentence and occasionally, I don’t reply to messages at all if my spider sense starts tingling.


Be sugar sweet to them. Yes they can make a new account and order.

I had one who ordered and messaged me even after I blocked them.

But try it anyway, it might work.

Hopefully you have a super nice professional way of suggesting they try one of the other find psychics on fiverr as you are not a good fit for them.


If you don’t want to work with someone just say I’m busy with my other work. I am unable to work with you. If you block him then he/she would be able to find you with his new account. So, Ignore blocking. If the matter is serious contact the customer support and explains everything. final solution.

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That’s exactly what I do lol

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