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Question about Buyer request

I want to get clear about buyer request, we all know how to send proper buyer offers without using any copy paste text to attract buyers attention.Lets take an example :most popular category logo design,
when a buyer post a request in logo design i can always see proposal count goes 0 to 20 less than 30 sec, so if you refresh the page every time we can see proposal count doubles.

It takes me 3 minutes or more to read the description and write a proposal ( i don’t have that much typing speed to think and right within a second). Mean while the buyer take down his request from the list after receiving 50 or more offers lets say 1 minute time.
So my question is when i submitting my proposal after 3 mins. does the buyer receive it and notice it or simply my offer goes to the drain?
This is my question for the day :blush:


That’s a good question and I was thinking about the same a fews days back. Actually most of the sellers bidding in BR section don’t bother to read a project description throughly and send a templated offer within a few seconds so the count goes up in an eye blink.
I think this question can be better answered by a buyer who has experience of posting jobs in BR section and getting responses in a specific order.
Let’s see if someone responds here for this.



When I submit BR, there is a delay in publishing that could take few minutes to few hours. There is an approval process, where 25% of my BR actually gets denied with a canned response - which is why I am surprised to read that up to 80% or more are spam/advertising by sellers. Still not sure how my legitimate request gets denied and sellers get approved.

Back on topic, I typically don’t even know it’s been published until I get a notification someone bid. I only get notification for the first bid. Here is my experience with the first bid.

50% of time, it’s garbage. “I can do for you” or a very long, obviously template, where the seller is drooling on about their credentials - which as nothing to do with what I’m asking - which pretty much ticks me off.

50% of time it’s preset decent, short and to the point.

I rarely ever pick first bidder. At least half or more are pure trash. I delete it as fast as they come it. I can pause the request temporarily when it gets to be too much to sort. This is where many sellers mess up. They see 30 bids and think they are too late.

What you don’t know is up to 20 or more bids are so stupid (there is no nice way to say it) - canned, templates, dribble, too short, too low in cost - buyers won’t consider it. I’ve had sellers bid $5 to proofread 10k words.

Frankly, don’t worry about the numbers of bids. You take proper time to write a great proposal at reasonable (not cheap) price and submit. You may be the 40th but if you’re the only one who submits a coherent professional one, chances are you’ll beat out all the desperate ones with false illusion that being first will get them the project.


@gina_riley2 Wow i never knew it was like this, they should mention this to sellers, i didn’t see any topics regarding this, they should pin or something, great response gina. So that means if i ran out of time in buyer request buyer still receives the bid.
Another thing i want to know, we can see the buyer request disappear after some time according to you is it automatic? or do you have a option to add number of bids after that number completes automatically take down the request or it is simply by the fiverr system?


I can pause it or delete it at will. I can also boost - which will push my request to the top, if I am not satisfied with the bids. I’ve had 30+ bids, which were not satisfactory to me, so I requested to boost (I can only do that once per request).

I eventually found a seller I like after that.


Thanks a lot you have save my day :smile:


It happens all the time. But don’t worry about the number of bids. buyers do care for their projects, so they take time to sort good sellers for their projects, As a graphic designer what I do is…

  1. Read the whole requirements.
  2. Analyze the things.
  3. Question myself.
  4. Do a little experiment with the project on my software if needed.
    5 Get confident.
  5. Estimate the price and time.
  6. Write a short but specific offer note.
  7. Send it.
    And most of the times I get the buyers responded.
    Best of luck.

for all that what is your maximum timing?


It takes me 10 minutes on average. no matter if I’m the 29th bidder.
what level are you in as a seller?


zero :wink: i just joined this month :blush:


Are buyer’s allowed to respond to alot of requests or they can only respond to one seller which they selected


Hmmm… that’s what I guess. In beginner level a request stay for a very short time (I noticed when I was there) but in the next level it stays a little longer. I don’t know why. so for beginners it’s a little hard. don’t give up. try to be specific in your offer. and always make offer to the job that you definitely can do.


maybe newbies spam for work i think that’s the reason


I can respond to as many as I wish.

I’ve even hired several from one BR.

3 sellers on my voiceover request.

3 sellers on my article request.

I’ve even hired up to four from one request.


Yes, to some extent you are right but believe me, when you thoroughly read the BR description and write to it accordingly with firm belief and confidence to do that job there are almost 80% chances that buyer will get to you soon. There may be some issue about budget negotiation but try to respond with the basic price at first. If buyer contacts you, check the work and then negotiate over the reasonable price. Hope this will help you :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing your experience in a detailed way. Can you please let me know the order in which bids appear to you? I mean, is it the first bidder who appears at the top? Of course, sending offer as a first bidder is not a key to success but I am curious about the order in which the offers appears to you.
And can you filter offers based upon the seller level? Like filter bids from level 2 sellers etc.


Thank you. Very informative conversation.:rosette:


I have the ability to sort it according to price, date, online status, delivery date, ratings or review.

I can see the seller’s level but cannot sort by level.

I can delete offers I don’t like, to filter it down to a few and go from there.


This is amazing and I believe it will make it much easier for you to select the most qualified seller.
Thank you so much for letting us know!


Each time when I try to reply to the buyer’s requests all I see is more than 20+ offers were already sent.

But what makes you different is you, your skills and your portfolio!
I thoroughly go through their requirements! Take at-least 5 minutes to examine and write what I am going to offer, How my services can help them, And I always leave a portfolio link at the last of my message! so that if they got interested then my portfolio will do rest of the job :smiley:

and believe me each day from my sent requests! I always get 2-3 replies and on an average 1 conversion :slight_smile:

That’s my experience! So, never get worried of the request already sent by others, think how you can be the Source of light among-st all even after getting late :dancer: