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Question about "buyer request"

Hi! I recently joined the forum and was reading quite a bit. I have a question, how do I know if a “buyer request” has already been taken? I have sent some, but I still have no answers. Thank you!

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As far as I know, you can’t.

This is because a buyer request doesn’t necessarily warrant an order, since it presents the buyer with the options to contact the sellers too. The buyer could order later on from a seller’s inbox (out of the many he chatted with) and not from the request manager, thus making it happen outside of the page.
It’s not another system within Fiverr, but something closer to a bulletin board - you send your offer like you pin a post-it to a cork board: it stays there. The buyer could even come back another time to someone else if they weren’t satisfied with the first gig, hypothetically, as they have to willingly delete the request they sent from the managing page since it doesn’t happen automatically even after ordering (I think).

You could also search for the buyer’s username after a few days and see whether or not they have/have been left a review, meaning someone else’s request was indeed taken, but it wouldn’t matter at that point… and finally, it may be totally possible that some buyers may have paused the request or never have actually followed through with it.


Thank you very much for answering! I’m still learning the buyer request topic, you have been a great help to me!

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