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Question about buyer requests

I am (kind of) new here. Got few orders from buyer request section, and I think I’m about to get my first one that is not from there. Anyway, I’d like to know what is the most successful method of sending offers to buyer requests? Is custom offer the best or only with a gig? And should I add a message to a buyer? Thanks in advance

try all the method and see which one give you a better result

Try both of them.

Send message to buyers only. When he/she orders, you can tel them to order more.

NOTE: Sending a custom offer at first will make buyers reject your OFFER.

As long as the custom offer is made through the buyer request function, it can be successful.

I would suggest going slow on the custom offer at first cz it MAY scare away the buyer. You can always do that after the buyer has shown intrest in your gig.