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Question About Buying Learn Fiverr Courses


I want to purchase a course under “Learn Fiverr”. But I do not have a Credit or Master Card.

1. Can I use another person’s card to purchase courses from my account?
2. Using the same card in multiple accounts, is it safe or break TOS?
3. Can I use Payoneer Master Card to purchase this courses?

Thank you so much,


How many accounts do you have and are you aware that having more than one Fiverr account is a huge Terms of Service violation?


I have only one account. But as I do not have personal Credit/Master Card to purchase so I am thinking about to purchase by using someone else’s card. And that was my question that is it possible? Is it safe?

Thank you.


It seems risky to me (as in, everyone involved might get banned), but it’s best to ask Customer Support.

Or you could wait for a while, I’ve seen some sellers ask if Fiverr will introduce the option to pay with Fiverr balance, or maybe PayPal.


Thank you.

Yes, if we can use Fiverr balance or Paypal that will be much better for us.


You can use any card to purchase

If you have multiple account that is against TOS and you can’t have same payment gateway to withdraw money for several accounts


In theory, yes, but if that card belongs to another Fiverr user, Fiverr might suspect multiple accounts.


I guess in Fiverr withdraw we don’t use card directly so I guess purchasing is different than withdraw but to be on safe side only CS can better answer his question.

No! RIsk should be taken


Thank you! I will ask CS.


Me thinking you will be exposing that person to unnecessary risky they have no business in the first place.