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Question about buying with PayPal on one account but withdrawing on another regarding TOS



I’ve got a question that is seriously bothering me. I’ve spent days reading different forums and have read Fiverr TOS top to bottom so much I think I have it memorized. My question is this:

Lets say that you set up a Fiverr account but only used it to buy gigs. For whatever reason, you make a second account, mainly to do things right from square one this time. This does not violate Fiverr TOS (there is no mention) so you assume its ok. But now the time is approaching to withdraw funds from your new account. The problem is you only have one PayPal account and you want to use it to withdraw funds on the second account.

Would this violate the Fiverr TOS? I will now quote the section from the TOS:

"Your Fiverr profile can be associated with only one account from each Fiverr withdrawal providers. A withdrawal provider account can be associated with only one Fiverr profile."

Well I have never withdrawn any funds from my first account. I think there is $12 in there. No big deal, I can walk away from that and I don’t care about the money. The problem is I would like to use the same PayPal account to buy and withdraw funds on my new account. But I used that same PayPal to buy a few gigs on my old account. Would that cause a problem even if I have never used the same PayPal to withdraw funds on two different accounts? I intend to abandon my old account. All gigs are suspended and I will never use it again.

I am really trying hard here to do EVERYTHING by the Terms Of Service. I have tried contacting Customer Service and they would not answer me. They never even replied. I want to do everything here absolutely legit and above board and I need some advice PLEASE!! Is it too risky to use the same PayPal account because it was used to buy gigs with another account?

If I may ask one more thing, I would like someone in Fiverr management to read my post and please answer me. I want to make absolutely sure that everything I do here is legit according to the Terms of Service. I have re-read the TOS so many times I am starting to quote it in my sleep.

Thank you for reading,


**EDIT I apologize, but I was wrong in the second to last paragraph. I did not know you actually had to log into the Customer Support system to talk to them. Yes, I feel stupid now.


You can’t have 2 accounts associated with one Paypal account.

One Fiverr account, one Paypal account. There are Fiverr accounts run by couples or small groups, but they still are only allowed one Paypal account.

If you want to use the same Paypal account with the new Fiverr account, you’ll have to close the old Fiverr account.

You can file a report with customer support, if you’d rather get an “official” answer, and you’ll need to do that to close an account. Fiverr admin doesn’t read the forums, only post announcements occasionally, so you won’t get a response from them here.


Celticmoon: Thank you so much for replying to me. I’m going to contact customer support and see what I can work out with them then. I don’t have any pending orders at all on my old account. Its completely dead so I hope they will work with me.

Thanks again,



I hope so, too. They seem to be awfully busy right now, as I’ve had a report in with them without an answer for longer than the usual few days. So you may need to be patient.

And you’re welcome~



Celticmoon: I know I said this already, but thank you again. You gave me some AWESOME advice. I was just honest with them and told them everything and they were very good to me. I’m happy I still have an opportunity to work here. Its been fun and educational at the same time! Plus, it teaches you things about yourself, mainly your strengths and weaknesses. Like I found out I just had to go with what I was best at doing and its easier now.


I’m so glad to hear that! You have a great attitude, very positive and open to learning. I’m sure you’ll do well and I wish you good luck~