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Question about cancellation

Hi guys, I have a question regarding cancellation of order.

Buyer requested a gig from me, and we stared working. I even sent some samples and everything seemed fine.
Today, out of the blue, buyer wants to cancel the order because he has some personal problems.

Did anybody had similar experience?
Is there anything I can do, to save my rating, since this has nothing to do with me?

Thanks, Shon.

Ask the buyer what you can do to make him happy.

If he wants a few extra things that you can do for him, try to do them. Cancellations can be bad for your account, especially when you’re just getting started.

Thank you for your reply.

Of course, I would do that, but in this case, this has nothing to do with the gig.
Buyer has some personal problems and is not able to counitnue with this gig.
He wants to cancel the order because of it, but that really has nothing to do with me.

All of my gigs were done with positive ratings, no late deliveries, no cancelation and so on.
I would really like to keep my ratings like they are now.
What should I do?

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Could the buyer want this later in the future after he’s sorted his personal problems?

If so, then you can go to the resolution center and agree to add an extra amount of days onto the delivery date. This means that your buyer can continue with the order after he’s sorted out his problems.

Ask Buyer to discuss the exact problem Discuss it politely . If it still not works ,then i will suggest you to contact CS . They will definitely help you out.
Best of luck.

Thank you guys.

I will try to extend delivery time, but it looks like I will most likely need to contact CS.

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Best of luck . Cheers

Three things that I can advice you in this typical situation.

  1. I agree with “extend delivery option”.
  2. Try to explain the buyer that if he chooses to cancel and seek refund, it will be a loss since 20 percent of the Fiverr fees is not refundable.
  3. Take a stand and explain confidently to him that you have already spent hours on the project and you deserve a justified payment. Go for the partial refund if he is keen on cancelling while charging your fee for your efforts and time consumed. You deserve it!
    All the best!

I completly agree, but I just didn’t wanted to countinue working with this buyer, even though value of the gig was quite nice.
I contacted CS, explained situation, and they canceled the order.

It is not a perfect solution, but I don’t have to worry about this anymore.
It leaves me time and energy to spend on other orders and serious buyers.

Thank you for your great reply.