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Question about cancellations


Hello, I’ve searched for a definitive answer to this but am still unsure.

If a buyer doesn’t respond to a cancellation request, will I receive the automatic 1-star review for late delivery, on top of the decreased order completion rate?

The buyer ordered a service I don’t offer. The order has 1 day delivery time, but the buyer has 2 days to accept or decline the cancellation request.

Thanks in advance!


My understanding is that, in theory, if the order slips into ‘late’ territory, and the buyer then decides to decline your cancellation request, and then cancels on grounds of lateness, this could happen (although I’m sure I read somewhere that the buyer only had this option after 24 hours of ‘lateness’ had passed).

Either way, it would have to be quite a calculated and malicious buyer to do that to you. More likely is that they don’t understand the system, or just haven’t checked their computer since placing the order.

If I were you, I’d contact Customer Support and ask them to intervene. They will cancel on your behalf. I’d also then advise blocking the buyer so that they can’t come back to do this to you again.

Best of luck.


Thank you for your reply!

The buyer definitely isn’t malicious - he’s a regular repeat buyer but I don’t think he realises I don’t offer what he’s ordered.

I had tried to contact him to offer an alternative solution but he’s gone AWOL. Even waiting on CS will take 48 hours so I’m stuck either way.


Let us know what happens so we will know for future issues of this type. :no_mouth:


Just an hour or two after I posted my forum question, the buyer finally woke up and agreed to cancel. So I’m still none the wiser for future scenarios like this but at least I did avoid a late mark and 1-star review. Little victories, small mercies :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, forum peeps!