Question about cashing out revenues


My revenues say $122.40 but when I went to cash out and send to my paypal account I was only given $121.40, which is a dollar LESS than what my revenues said. I know we are charged $1 per gig by Fivver but do they also charge us a dollar to cash out our revenues too?


This isn’t Fiverr related. PayPal takes a tiny percent. I think.


Unfortunately, yes, you are charged a $1 fee when you withdraw funds. I believe this is a Paypal fee, not from Fiverr. Anyway, it’s not a big deal. :slight_smile:

To save on the fee, only cash out your available funds when you have a substantial amount. Such as $100, $300, etc. As opposed to cashing out every time a payment clears or when you only have $20. :slight_smile:


Not a paypal fee…otherwise the charge would have come from my paypal. I think paypal charges Fivver and then Fivver passes that on to me and takes out of my funds before they make the transfer. You’re right $1 is not a big deal, but add that to the $1 they take from every gig and it all adds up. Thanks for all the feedback, I just wanted to make sure this was a charge and not a glitch.


Reply to @toothfairy: I am not absolutely positive, but I believe you’re correct on that.

But like I said, if you want to reduce the impact the fee has on your overall earnings, only cash out your available funds when you have a substantial amount. Such as $100, $300, etc. As opposed to cashing out every time a payment clears or when you only have $20. :slight_smile:


Ahh this form had some good advice, save your cashout until you have a larger fee! Thanks everyone!


You’re charged a set percentage up to $1 but I can’t remember the exact percent. I know if you withdraw $50 or more, you’re only charged the $1 so it is worth waiting.


If I’m not wrong, Paypal charges 2.5% or $1, whichever is less of the total amount being withdrawn.


Anything over $100 only attracts a $1 fee (or maybe 2) basically, save money by withdrawing only when you are over $100!


PayPal charges 2% up to a dollar for each withdrawal made…


what about Fiverr Revenue Card! what if want to cash out my available funds through Fiverr Revenue Card, what would be the deductions?


I think you are wrong about the PayPal fees. I haven’t made a withdrawal yet but I know from previous experience with PayPal that the fee gets charged to the account RECEIVING the money. The sender does NOT incur a fee. So Fiverr is not incurring any fee by sending you money, They’re charging $1 because they can and because they may have to pay someone to initiate the request if it’s not automated. PayPal will charge a percentage based on the amount received. That percentage changes depending on the amount transferred. I don’t recall what they are but you can look it up pretty easily.

I really wish Fiverr would allow a direct to bank account transfer. I absolutely HATE PayPal and only use them as a very last resort. I removed PayPal payments from my online shopping cart and only accept credit cards now. After the 20% Fiverr takes, plus transfer fee, then PayPal fee, you’re you’re lucky to be making $3/gig. After taking 20% already it seems like they’re gouging us with the transfer fee at this point. If Fiverr is going to charge this transfer fee, then at least let me choose where I want MY MONEY to go.

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how can i cash out my fiverr dollars. Can I transfer my dollars to a Prime Bank Ltd. account???