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Question About Declined Gig

Hey there! :slight_smile: I received a notification telling me I should change the images of one of my gigs earlier today, since 1 of the images was also used for my second gig. The notifiction instructed me that I can only have 1 gig with 1 picture. Because I received an order on one gig, I decided to pause the other gig, while simultaneously I deleted the same image from its gallery. To be honest, I would have paused both of them, but I couldn’t since I had an order on one of the gigs, and it would not allow me to. I logged in again now, and the gig appears to have been declined. Could this be by mistake, or can you still get a gig declined had the others with similar images been paused? Should I maybe send a ticket?

Thanks in advance,

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I suppose Fiverr doesn’t want you using the same image on two gigs, and I agree with that. Each gig needs a different image.

I don’t think you needed to pause the gig, just change the image and if Fiverr doesn’t approve, they will let you know.

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I sent them a message via their support page. I agree on the different image thing. To be honest I must have forgotten to pause one of the gigs, since I am quite new to Fiverr. Thanks for the suggestion! :smiley:

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My pleasure.

If you’re not an artist, you can search “gig image” or “fiverr gig images” and hire somebody.

Or you can grab free stock photography at Pixabay

I prefer to hire people, but when you really need an image, that’s a great place.

Thank you! :smiley: Actually this is where I find royalty-free images myself! :slight_smile:

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Problem’s resolved! Thank you Fiverr! :smiley: You were so fast!